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Top six landscaping design ideas


One of the hardest parts of landscaping can be knowing where to begin.


So, to help you get on the right track, here are some simple landscape design ideas that can turn your yard into the perfect recreational and entertaining space.



  1. Remember to hardscape first


Before settling on flowers, vines, bushes and all of your greenery, work on the hard-landscaping elements first.This includes nutting out all aspects to do with your paths, driveways, decking and anything else that requires construction.


Trust us – it’s a lot easier to install greenery after construction has been completed, rather than doing it all the other way around.



  1. Treat your soil before planting


When you are ready to start planting, it’s vital to ensure that they are going to thrive in your soil. The aim is to make them a feature for years to come, so it pays to do the hard yards now.


To do this effectively, ensure your soil has been treated with the right organic matter as loose, fertile soil will embrace new plantings and allow them to shoot up. Also check to see if your plants require any other specific additives to the soil before planting.



  1. Space out your yard for the features that you want and need


There are many elements you can include in a landscape design, but you might not be able to fit them all in.


Prioritise what you need for the ultimate lifestyle for you and your family. Fire features are great for winter nights, vegetable gardens are practical for having the freshest food at your next outdoor dinner and a child’s play area will keep the young ones entertained for hours.

Make sure you map your space out before building so you don’t end up disappointed.



  1. Know which flowers are right for your yard


Flowers for your garden beds, especially at the entrance of your property, really provide the beauty of your landscaping and also make your home feel more welcoming.


There are many Illawarra natives that you can consider that will thrive in local conditions.  These include the Waratah, Australian Indigo, Illawarra Flame Tree, Pigface, Blue Flax-lily, False Sarsaparilla and Brush Cherry.


You can also mix them up with Low shrubs such as Coastal Rosemary, White Correa, Mintbush, Coastal Saltbush or Hop Goodenia. These additions are perfect if you want to create habitat but don’t want to lose sunlight.



  1. Plant rambling vines


A great way to make your garden landscaping look stately is to have gorgeous vines weaving their way through fences, columns and features. Some of our local options include False Sarsaparilla (again), Dusky Coral Pea, Jasmine Morinda, Golden Guinea Flower and the Wonga Wonga Vine.



  1. Use the decking to bring your backyard to life


Simple decking techniques can transform your backyard into the perfect entertaining space. However, it’s important that it’s designed well from the get-go, avoiding any budget blows or disappointment from missing your vision.


Gardencraft Landscaping have a wide variety of decks and pergola options on offer, so we encourage you to get in touch with our experts.