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Great landscaping design increases the value of your property


If you've got a bit of a green thumb but don't have the will or motivation to put it to good use, there are a few reasons you should reconsider. Not only does a high-quality landscape design enhance curb appeal and make your home stand out against the crowd, it can also increase the value of your property by up to a reported 20%. Seriously.


And while putting in the time and effort to create a garden masterpiece does require some hard yards, it's usually well worth it. Here's why.


Making that first impression count


When prospective buyers or agents arrive outside a home, the first impression they receive is that of your garden landscaping. And that’s a vital part of any potential house sale.


If your greenery is looking a little unkempt or unloved, the first thought will be that the rest of your home follows suit. Even if the indoors is perfect or resembles an oasis of style, the image has already been cast by your prospective buyers - and it’s a tough thought to forget.


What are homeowners looking for?


Real estate agents Australia-wide repeatedly state that there are three specific elements that people seek when looking for a home.


  • Firstly, they have a keen eye for creative manicured designs, where everything fits in a specific place and doesn’t look like a random hotchpotch of plants and shrubs. Some sort of cohesiveness is trendy and attractive to the market these days, and that trend is only set to rise.
  • Agents and buyers love to see freshly marked edges between lawns and garden beds, perhaps distinguished by an interesting delineated shape.
  • The savvy buyer also looks at how established a garden is, considering plant size and maturity of vegetation. Does the space feel like it has had a chance to grow and become a natural part of the property? Mature gardens add value and often symbolizes longevity of care and thoughtful long-term design. It also tends to lend depth and quality to a home.
  • Is there diversity in the plant choice? A native Australian bush or a minimalist design with a statement aloe plant, combined with other drought-tolerant options, can often balance the look out. If plants are well fertilised and cared for, it shows in their appearance, and this is typically very enticing to viewers. Lush, green grass and colourful garden beds create a strong feature, capable of tempting many buyers; it sets the tone for the rest of the property, suggesting a place where memories are made, and entertainment is aplenty.
  • Buyers also love to see a garden with a coherent plan. One that has been created in a piecemeal fashion might be interesting, but it’s not always a showstopper - it pays to think about your entire vision before you get started.
  • Ultimately, it comes down to remembering that your outdoor space is an extension of your home and is symbolic of what prospective buyers can find inside.


Homeowners who take the time to make the garden a place that not only looks beautiful but has some consistent personality, will find they’re more likely to attract the right kind of buyers - those who are keen to offer the 'right sort' of price. And that has to be a positive outcome.