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Drip irrigation and garden watering systems in Sutherland Shire and beyond


Keeping your landscaping and lawns healthy and hydrated relies on an effective garden irrigation system. Often, people will choose an above-ground sprinkler, and while it can be some of the most fun a person can have in the summer, they are generally considered inefficient, expensive and environmentally unsustainable.


Drip irrigation systems reduce evaporation, as they aren’t as exposed to the sun. They also limit the growth of weeds, due to their nature of targeting the plants directly, rather than just an area around them. As a result, they often use far less water, too.

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During the summer months, Australians are often subject to water restrictions. Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the roots of the plants, eliminating overspray and reducing water consumption to allowable levels. This makes this approach far more suited to the Australian climate, ensuring your garden is kept hydrated effectively.


We can devise a garden watering system that maximises water efficiency on your property and ensures your greenery receives the hydration it needs to thrive. We design systems that are manual or fully-automated, adapting our services to suit your property, budget and lifestyle across the board. Moreover, we use only the very best and most durable brands – including Reece, Pope and Holman – making sure that your system functions optimally year after year.

Back your garden with exceptional, cost-efficient hydration


Regardless of whether your landscape is a brand-new project or a longstanding one, we provide the highest quality work and can install a system at a competitive price for almost all budgets.


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