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How to ensure your pool decking or tiling isn’t slippery


If you’re a parent, watching your kids run around the yard or get up to their antics is half the fun, but when it comes to ensuring pool safety is still well-maintained, there’s a lot to consider.


We teach our children to take their time around these areas, as a general rule of thumb, but even as adults, we’re prone to a slip every now and then. No matter what kind of environment you have going in your pool area, there are some key considerations to keep at the top of your priority list, when it comes to preventing slips and falls.


In this post, we’re running through how you can ensure your pool decking or tiling is less slippery. Here’s how to keep out of the danger zone this summer.


Footwear matters


It’s not often the first thing we think about when we’re gearing up for a dip, but opting to wear shoes around the pool can make a big difference. It might not win you the “cool parent award” with the little ones, but it will give you extra peace of mind when you need it most.


As most shoes have textured bottoms, it increases the amount of traction when you’re walking around these slippery areas. Opting to go barefoot may feel more natural, but you end up lacking the friction you need to stop any falls in their tracks.


Deck construction and materials


If you’re looking to renovate your yard, consider opting for a new type of material for your pool decking. Refrain from using smooth concretes, granite, marble or certain tiles in these areas, as they may increase the likelihood of slips.


Additionally, synthetics can also contribute to falls when the area is wet, so if you’re not utilising other safety precautions, you may want to try out an alternative material.


Non-slip coatings


If avoiding tiles or certain materials just isn’t an option, there are some non-slip treatment options that are readily available on the market. While they don’t completely eliminate the risk, they can significantly reduce the likelihood of any accidents.


Stone and textured pavers


Some stone options are less slippery than others, so having an expert – like ours – assess your pool area and recommending a specific type can be a huge help. Additionally, utilising textured pavers means you’re also able to increase the amount of ‘grip’ your feet have on the surface, so these designs are always a great option.


Supervision is key


Remember that no matter how much effort you put into upgrading your decking or tiles, accidents can and do happen. Always practice caution and supervision at all times, keeping an eye on kids as they enjoy their summer fun. As these surfaces are always going to get wet at some stage, the best thing you can do is take all precautions possible to prevent any nasty trips.


If you’re not sure where to start about reducing the risk of slips around your pool, get in touch with the team at Gardencraft for a no-obligation discussion.