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A pergola is what some backyard dreams are made of


For some, a backyard space can make or break the ultimate vision of homeownership. Whether you’re an entertainer that wants to expand the room you’ve got to flaunt your home-based events, or just have a goal in mind, backyard dreams often start with the right centrepiece. And a majority of the time, that centrepiece is a pergola.


These days, customising your outdoor space comes with plenty of options and opportunities to choose from. You’re not stuck with lack-lustre builds or restrictions, and the advancements in technology means you can widen your vision even more. So if you’re looking to include a pergola into your home, what exactly can you expect in terms of benefits?


Protection from the elements


While Mother Nature visiting isn’t always so bad, it can spell disaster if you’re entertaining. Aside from the visual appeal and aesthetics that pergolas offer, they also provide you with a means of protection when the elements start to roll around. Be that wind or rain; you’ll thank yourself later when you have plenty of shelter around.


They’re versatile


The structure of your pergola doesn’t have to stick to traditional styles. If you want something that can accommodate for various contexts, there are many roles that it can take on. In the end, it’ll become the outdoor sidekick you wish you’d had installed on day one.


Providing an airy appeal or a place to kick back and relax, their flexibility is one of the most attractive benefits for homeowners across the globe. They even make for a great place to cover your garden or pot plants – if you have somewhat of a green thumb.


The choices are vast and many


Just as the versatility is something to keep a keen eye on, there are also lots of styles of pergolas to choose from. For Aussie homeowners, this is a significant benefit, given the various types of weather conditions and landscapes that our country is known for.


Some style options include:


Traditional: The classical look that usually consists of four pillars and a square-shaped design. Typically free-standing.


Arched: The well-known arched roof with a welcome space and Mediterranean vibe is a timeless favourite.


Wall-mounted: Usually attached to another type of structure – such as a patio – this design can either be mounted with either wooden or fibreglass materials.


Dressing up your backyard


If you’re not quite the DIY type or just aren’t sure how to add more jazz into your outdoor space, pergolas offer this quickly. Be it to enjoy good weather or to create a new look for your home; they’re also the ultimate path to take when you’re seeking out ways to add more value to your property.


Turn your dream into a reality now


Looking to integrate a pergola or decking into your home but aren’t sure where to start? Our experts are skilled in creating backyards that fulfil the dreams of homeowners throughout the region. Get in touch by contacting us now.